liesbeth touw: it skips everytime i touch it


oplage: 300
formaat: 29 x 22 cm
32 pagina’s
2012, zwaan printmedia

Op voorraad



This book is a residue newly created by an ongoing research project entitled ‘Paradise – How, a search for a definition of Paradise’, exploring the boundary between reality and desire and the blurring of this boundary. None of the pictures were staged.

This edition contains photographs that provide a glimpse at the artist’s definition of the experience of Paradise. The photographs are casual and passing images, reflecting an echo of beauty. Situations that everyone can identify with but are at the same time intangible and, caught in the white noise of day-to-day life, threaten to lose their significance.

If we do not grab hold of them immediately they could easily fade away.

With this book Liesbeth Touw invites us to encounter Paradise, from close up.

In the collections a.o. MoMA New York, NewYork Public Library, Centre Pompidou and Bibliothèque Kandinsky.