de paulis / albuquerque event

public program: daniela de paulis
16.00 introductory talk by daniela de paulis on her artistic research
16.20 talk by jan van muijlwijk, radio amateur of the camras organization and collaborator in the projects developed by the artist at the radio telescope
16.30 talk by andré van es, astron and camras project manager
17:00 daniela de paulis in conversation with jeroen boomgaard, the conversation will focus on the impact of phd research on the artist’s practice.

public program: paula albuquerque

16.00   introduction by paula albuquerque about her research as phd candidate at asca in collaboration with the gerrit rietveld academy
16.15   short presentation by supervisor prof. dr patricia pisters about the articulation between paula albuquerque’s work being shown at the gallery and her academic research.
16.45  as final year phd candidate, paula albuquerque presents the steps taken in her research until the present moment, including audiovisual documentation of the film-based artwork produced in the period
17:15   q & a